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Industry Statistics

Revenue in the Online Food Delivery market amounts to about US $22.1 Billion (2019). It is expected to show an annual growth rate of 6.5%, resulting in a market volume of US $28.4 Billion by 2023 and continue growing to US $210 Billion over the long run.* The market’s largest segment is Restaurant-to-Consumer Delivery with estimated market volume of US $13.4 Billion in 2019.


Online Food Delivery Market in 2019


Restaurant to Consumer Delivery market in 2019


Food Delivery Market Annual Growth Rate by 2023

Booming Industry Poised to Explode Catch the wave and take charge of your future

Changes in consumer behavior have created explosive growth in the food delivery industry.

Consumers today have become comfortable getting everything delivered: from household products to dog food, video games, and groceries, consumers have fully embraced the “get anything delivered” culture. The food delivery industry has been growing at the unprecedented rate. Now is the perfect opportunity to profit from consumer’s changing habits.

We already have a captive audience of hungry customers in over 80 cities across the USA. Leverage DeliverClub's nationally recognized brand, to build your own profitable business.


We Give You All The Tools To Succeed


Mobile Responsive Website & Full Suite of Mobile Apps

Feature rich customizable software solution designed specifically for your market


Branding & Marketing

Constant support from Branding and Marketing team. Direct communication with SEO specialists.


Training & Support

Most knowledgable team in the industry with 25+ years of experience operating a delivery service


Dispatch & Call Center

Highly trained team of Dispatchers and Customer Service Representatives

Mobile Responsive Website & Full Suite of Mobile Apps

Since 2014 the trend of digital and online ordering has increased 300% year over year and is showing no signs of slowing down. Having a user friendly website and offering online ordering ensures you are optimizing these growing opportunities and gaining new customers.

From a mobile responsive website to a smokin’ hot new app, your customers will have a seamless ordering experience whether it’s on the mobile app, mobile website, tablet or computer.


Consumer Facing Responsive Website

DeliverClub is the solution you've been looking for

Whether you’re looking to start your first business or just create an additional income stream, DeliverClub will help you boost your earnings and achieve your financial goals faster.

Software& Setup

Getting started is easy! From setting up your delivery zone and fee structures, to creating restaurant profiles and building menus, our team will setup the entire foundation of your business. Your drivers will use our driver app to accept and receive orders and your restaurants can choose from several order processing methods: from an old-school fax, to a tablet or direct integration into their POS system.

DeliverClub’s robust team and industry knowledge will put you in the fast lane to success!

DeliverClub team has extensive background in restaurant management, delivery service operation and sales. Most of our team members have owned and operated delivery services themselves. Collectively, they have 25+ years of experience managing partnership sales, operations, dispatch and customer service.

We have the knowledge and tools to make you SUCCESSFUL.

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Joe Montenegro

Dispatch & Customer Service

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Matt Hanley

Training & Onboarding

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Shane Broussard

Marketing & Growth Strategy

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Joseph Murgio

Marketing & Growth Strategy

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Chris Harrison

Dispatch & Customer Service


Evan Robbins

Dispatch & Customer Service

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Heather Monroe

Sales & Restaurant Partnerships

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Devon Barkley

Marketing & Growth Strategy

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Nick Scydick

Training & Onboarding