Pre Launch Sign-On Bonus

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Pre-Launch Sign-On Bonus

RDS Partners.  Early Adopters.  Higher Earnability.

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signup-iconAs we narrow in on the launch of DeliverClub, we want to ensure we debut the platform with a bang!  Therefore, for our early adopters, we are offering the following Pre-Launch bonus items:

  • Revenue Guarantee: we will take your restaurant revenue average and supplement any lost restaurant revenue that is used to supplement driver pay for free or discounted delivery fees.Example:  If you are doing $50,000 in restaurant revenue pre DC engagement, and after DC business ramps up, you increase revenues to $60,000, but pay $20,000 to supplement driver fees, DC will rebate RDS (you) $10,000.
  • Customer Return Guarantee: If you decide DC is not the right fit for your business after completing the minimum test period (90 days after your first DC order), you can discontinue your participation.  We will inform any consumer that joined from your marketing agreement that DC is no longer available in that particular area, but that their RDS provider can still s and offer them a coupon for free delivery that we will cover.
  • Max Points: We anticipate a fast ramp-up growth for DC, and thus early RDS adopters will receive more points for each completed delivery, than possibly RDS’s who join later on.

Please keep in mind, we are directly connected to your overall success.  Therefore, anything that hurts or helps your business, proportionally affects ours as well.  With this in mind, we are ready to put our money where our mouth is a remove all risk to you, our RDS client.

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