Let’s Cover the Basics

There are many important aspects of running a a RDS business which help boost your company’s overall success , and arguably the icing on the cake (pun intended of course) is the contracts you have in place with local restaurants.  Let’s run through the general structure of one of these contracts.  Points of discussion and negotiation with the restaurant will generally narrow down to these 3 items, which compromise the overall commission fee:

  • Fee for marketing of restaurant’s brand and menu items to the consumer
  • Fee for execution of delivery service for the consumer
  • Costs associated with delivery overhead, such as liability coverage and customer service

When approaching restaurants, preparation and knowledge about your business is key, as well as the business of your prospect (i.e. the restaurant).  Just like in any other facet of business or any other industry, presentation is paramount for closing a deal – especially if you want the deal to sway in your favor.  You must be able to educate your client (the restaurant owner/manager) on the benefits of your service, and the various mechanisms and strategies you have in place that will ensure execution of your promised deliverables.  An example of such preparation is having a user-friendly, integrated website that will manage your order and delivery processes, so that you can demonstrate your platform to the potential restaurant client.

This being said, even with all your ducks in a row and superb preparation, you may find yourself struggling to even land an appointment with large national restaurant brands.  As a small business owner, who takes pride in their RDS operations, this can become very frustrating and disappointing at times.  This is why engaging in strategic partnerships, like DeliverClub, can drastically boost an RDS’s overall business success by providing access into brands they could never contract with as an individual business owner.

Landing the Opportunity

At DeliverClub, we understand the importance of contracting with national brands, in order to bring a large volume of orders to our RDS partners, and to gain market share in our target audience, who easily identify and favor these national restaurant brands.  This also gives a real opportunity for our RDS clients to expand geographically utilizing national restaurant relationships as a springboard.  Due to our large national network of RDS Partners, we are able to facilitate such conversations and meetings with these big brands.  We are currently in the process of working with many corporate restaurants and franchises, in the focused effort of bringing these contracts to all of our partnered RDS providers.   As a member in our DeliverClub network, you will benefit from the terms that are negotiated on a national scale.

Closing a Favorable Deal

As food delivery providers, we must never lose sight of our end customer; and in our case, we have 2 types of clients.  Of course we have our foodie consumer on one side, and our food provider, the restaurant, on the other.  As a result, all of our business operations are continually focused on providing what’s best for both of our client types.

When contracting with a restaurant, especially a large national brand, it is imperative we demonstrate to the client that we are dedicated and committed to providing excellence of service when representing their brand to consumers.  To show these big brands we’re bringing our “A” game, we have taken time, resources, funds, and strategic thinking to develop tools that will help close these deals:

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs):  unless you put it in writing, it’s like it never existed.  SOPs ensure that everyone is on the same page, and sets the expectation level across all facets of the business operation, so that falling short of these expectations is clearly identified and quickly ratified.  Restaurants feel more comfortable allowing an RDS to control part of the consumer-facing relationship, as long as they feel they can trust in the service quality their end-customer will be receiving
  • National Network of RDS: National restaurant brands won’t even play ball with delivery providers who are not servicing large geographic areas.  Our national reach will help facilitate the contractual conversations with these national brands, and lead to a favorable deal that will benefit RDS providers in each locale.
  • Seamless, Accurate Ordering System: The one thing restaurants hate is their customers receiving the wrong food, or worse, not enough food!  Our sophisticated RDS Logic software (powered by DeliverLogic) allows our RDS Partners to receive online orders accurately, and dispatch them to restaurants seamlessly via our Order Logic restaurant-facing app or a full integration with the restaurant’s POS.  Fully-integrated software systems like the platform DeliverClub will be powered on are extremely attractive to large restaurant brands, who don’t have the luxury of repeat order inaccuracies with hungry customers.
  • National-Scale Marketing Campaigns:  We’ve been working hard at developing a marketing and brand strategy that will resonate with consumers nationwide.  We will be implementing this strategy via multiple touch points, such as social media, email marketing, print media, video messaging, and more. Our ability to represent brands on a national scale will allow us to leverage deals with large national restaurant chains.
  • Value-Add: DeliverClub will be working with all of our RDS Partners to provide ongoing training and industry enrichment opportunities, such as online webinars, skill set enhancement sessions, etc, in order to maintain a high standard of service amongst our RDS Partners.  This type of forward-thinking, proactive approach is extremely attractive to big brands looking to increase their delivery quality amongst unforgiving consumers.

Benefiting through DeliverClub Partnership

As a current user of our RDS Logic platform, you are one of the initial delivery providers being offered entrance into DeliverClub’s partner program.  By combining forces in a central portal, our DeliverLogic RDS Partners can really thrive in the food delivery industry.  We’re so excited about this venture, we are offering all early adopters a “Pre-Launch Sign-On Bonus“, for all partners who meet the DeliverClub quality acceptance criteria.  

Of course we have many performance goals in mind with DeliverClub, and so many of them are related to increasing order volume, repeat order frequency, average ticket amount, and better commission rates for you. Bon Appétit!

To become a DC Partner, SignUp here to get more information, and understand the qualifications.

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