Don’t Just Deliver the Pie…. Own a Piece of It!


National Food Portal synced with your System


Membership Model to Retain Loyal Consumers


Gamification & Reward System for Customer Orders


Delivery Partners earn equity bonus in portal

Customers will Love DC

DeliverClub brings your customer everything they’ve always wanted in a food delivery platform: a large network of restaurants, an experienced delivery fleet, free and discounted delivery fees, and rewards for all of their orders.

Food is an important part of everyone’s daily routine, and our mission is make all of your customers’ precious meal moments be as enjoyable as possible!

We put the App in Appetite!

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Don't get crushed by competing national portals

As you already are aware, there are several large food portal companies out there, and as a result, individual RDS companies are feeling the pressure of tight competition, lower revenues, and decreased market share.

We want to get ahead of the game, and make sure all of our RDS clients are fully equipped and ready to take on the big guys head-on. Not only that, we are ready to invest time, money, and resources for advertising DeliverClub, which is a unified portal for all of our BigTree RDS clients.
By coming together, we are able to really compete against the large portal companies, and further, create a vehicle for our RDS clients to really thrive in the food delivery industry.  We are the ONLY food portal providing equity share access to its participating partners.


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