Time-Poverty Dilemma

As the on-demand industry continues to grow and gain more and more popularity, it’s becoming very clear that consumers share a commonality: that is, their value for their time.

In the modern world of “everything-at-your-fingertips”, powered by our 5th appendage we call a smartphone, the pace of life only gets quicker, and the ‘time-poverty’ dilemma continues to widen.  We strive to become increasingly more productive, by cramming in more items on our to-do lists… technology has facilitated this addiction to efficiency, and as a result, our emphasis on the value of our time has taken center stage.

So what does this all mean for the on-demand food industry?  A lot.  It means your customers are increasingly demanding services and products which makes their life easier, and eliminates or outsources their daily “hassles”, allowing them to focus time and energy on activities they find value in.

Convenience Junkies 

Some would argue that the launch of the on-demand era really began with the introduction of Amazon Prime.  Analysts estimate that almost half of American households subscribe to Amazon Prime, reinforcing the realization that consumers will pay a premium for convenience and immediate access.   This consumer behavior is being observed in the on-demand food industry as well, where we see customers wanting a more seamless, rapid, and effortless ordering processes.

At DeliverClub, we totally understand the ‘convenience junkie’ customer, because guess what … we are of the same tribe.  We hate waiting.  We hate extra clicks.  And we hate grumbling empty bellies.  Our goal is to make our end users’ life simpler, from the second they launch our app, to the beautiful moment they take that first bite.


Frequent Foodie

So what happens when you merge a convenience junkie with a frequent foodie?  You get someone who not only hates waiting and extra clicks, but enjoys great food.. so wait allow us to do some quick mathematical calculations.  Yup, just as we estimated, this segment of the market is 100% of the human race.

We believe the subscription membership model will take off in the on-demand food industry in the coming years, because as more and more customers adopt online food ordering, they will see the value in free or reduced delivery fees.  To ramp up this discovery curve, we are offering all new DeliverClub users a free month trial, to test drive the membership and see how much money they save by joining our “Frequent Foodie” option.

We’ve begun to see many of the larger food delivery portals roll out various selective membership options to their customer base, with limited access to restaurant options or much longer delivery times for certain items.  With DeliverClub, customers will enjoy the perks of their membership across the board, applicable to the same restaurants and menus available throughout our entire platform.  Furthermore, because DeliverClub delivery partners are financially vested in the company’s overall success, we are able to ensure a high-quality of delivery performance on orders being placed by Frequent Foodie members.  This equates to minimal delivery durations, extremely low minimum order amounts, and a wide range of restaurant options to select from.

Turning ‘One & Done’ into ‘Many & Plenty’

Our goal with the platform is to eliminate the “one & done” customer, and instead, create an online ordering environment that is re-visited by satisfied, loyal customers who see DeliverClub as their happy place for getting good food into their hungry bellies.



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