On-Demand.  Delivery. Fast. Seamless. Mobile. Options. Trackable. Efficient.

The list of adjectives and buzz words surrounding the delivery industry can go on and on, and we can easily get desensitized by these business catch phrases, and treat them as common industry jargon.  Dealing with the day-to-day operations of successfully running a food delivery business is an exhaustive undertaking of its own, but that doesn’t excuse an RDS owner from understanding the climate of the industry and implementing strategies and tactics to ensure success and growth.  We must stay in tune with what’s going on around us, and understand how to adapt in order to continue to thrive.

So what is the formula for running a successful restaurant delivery company?  We break it down for you in some simple umbrella concepts:

Make restaurants see value in outsourcing delivery

Restaurants are perking up to the concept of outsourcing their food delivery, due to the continual increases in labor costs, insurance fees, and transportation overhead of providing in-house delivery personnel.  In many scenarios, a restaurant’s delivery costs can be minimized or fully eliminated by simple relying on an RDS (restaurant delivery service) company to provide transport of food orders to consumers.

In order to increase adoption of RDS outsourcing, it’s imperative for RDS business owners to educate restaurant clients on the value of their service.  Areas of focus during your initial conversations with restaurant owners should be:

  • how your RDS will decrease overhead and logistics expenses for the restaurant
  • how your RDS drivers will provide fast & efficient delivery, especially through use of online technology & software
  • how your RDS will increase revenue for the restaurant, and actively market their brand and name to local consumers

Add value to your client’s brand

As in the case of any outsourcing or subcontracting relationship, we must strive to bring value to our client’s brand identity, and continually put our best foot forward.  In the eyes of the end consumer, a poorly delivered food order is ultimately reflected negatively on the restaurant, rather than the RDS.   Thus, executing superior service quality and maintaining high performance standards is crucial for ensuring long-term relationships and contracts with restaurant clients. Some areas to focus on include:

  • Proper handling of food, during pickup and transport
  • Efficient communication with restaurants to ensure order correctness and promised delivery times
  • Investment into latest technologies to streamline online ordering process (see below)

Simply meeting the restaurant’s expectations of customer service and delivery performance is not adequate for excelling in this industry.  You must exceed your client’s’ expectations, and really take your business operations to the next level, in terms of how you interface with customers, the support and service you offer consumers, and the quality of your delivery fleet.

Invest in your toolbelt

As the old adage goes, “Make sure you have the right tool for the job.”  In the digital world, this rings even truer.  With the ever-changing technological landscape, it’s imperative you stay ahead of the game by investing in software and integrations which will streamline your business operations, and allow you to perform better for your clients and the end consumer.

RDS Logic’s online food ordering software is extremely sophisticated and flexible, allowing any RDS looking to be successful in the on-demand industry the right tools and support to launch quickly, and ramp-up powerfully.

We’re  taking it a step further, moreover, by continually building consumer-end user flows and apps which can compete on the national scale. From our restaurant order management app, OrderLogic, to our real-time order tracking driver app, DriverLogic, we have the entire delivery process covered.

Master your toolbelt

What good is having the best screwdriver on the market if you don’t know how to use it right?  In any industry, a small business owner must be the CEO of their company… that is, they must step up to the role of “Chief EVERYTHING Officer.”  That includes mastering and understand the software your entire business operation relies on.  With Bigtree Solutions, you have access to a fantastic support team, who is not only knowledgeable on the ins and outs of the software, but also is able to communicate these features to RDS owners in a simplistic and understandable manner.

By continually investing R&D dollars into our technology, we’re able to create innovative features and platforms that keep us ahead of the industry curve.  A perfect example of this is the imminent launch of DeliverClub, which is a direct result of channeling years of learnings, user behavior analysis, technological expertise and innovative design.

Join strategic partnerships for long-term growth and expansion

Forging strong relationships with your restaurants is imperative for the long-term growth of any RDS.  But what about other strategic partnerships and relationships?  Which ones are worth your while, and which ones will leave you worse off?

One thing is clear:  partnering with a national food delivery portal is good for business due to the large-scale exposure offered by the portal.  However, the bottom line is, the numbers need to add up in your favor.

With DeliverClub, we’ve modeled a unique business model for our Bigtree RDS Partners, by not only offering them the benefits of a national-scale portal (such as increase in order volume, for example), but providing actual equity bonus earning channels for RDS owners to work smarter, not just harder.

We encourage you to reach out to one of our DeliverClub account representatives to truly understand the financial opportunity available to you, our RDS Partner.

To become a DC Partner, SignUp here to get more information, and understand the qualifications.


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