Autonomous Automobile Technology

By now we’ve all heard about Tesla’s self-driving car technology, or Uber’s multi-million dollar project underway for developing a reliable autonomous delivery fleet, but how close are we to seeing humanless cars on the road?  There are numerous experts in this field of study weighing in on the pros and cons of this emerging technology, in terms of safety, practicality, and not to mention the ethical component of it (do we trust an algorithm to make life & death decisions for us? uhh hello skynet).

So let’s assume that this technology takes off, and works beautifully for transporting people from point A to point B within the city.  Now we wonder, will this mode of transport be able to handle food delivery? The simple answer is NO; at least not for a long while. Let’s explore some of the reasons how autonomous driving technology affects the restaurant food delivery industry.

Food Containers Can’t Walk

Last we checked, your food can’t walk off the restaurant counter, down the cafe steps, hop into the awaiting transport car, and buckle itself snuggly into a safe spot to prevent itself from spilling.  Until to-go containers grow appendages, we’re stuck with the task of having to transport food from the restaurant into the delivery car.  Furthermore, once the food arrives at its destination, it must be transported from the car to an awaiting hungry human.   And guess what, every hungry human’s dwelling is different, which means your food must now be carefully maneuvered (with almost ninja-esq prowess) through possible obstacles (e.g. gates) or immense altitudes (e.g. stairs).  Sure we can train restaurants to take the orders out to the awaiting robocars, or instruct customers to meet cars at the curb, but this will add significant lag and delay in delivery turnaround times, not to mention a decline in customer satisfaction.

Hungry Humans are Demanding

Transportation of food is not just a function driving a package from one point to another.  Other factors play a key role in the ultimate success of the delivery:  was the food delivered at the proper temperature?  appropriate texture (think soggy eggrolls) ?  complete with all items ordered (it’s impossible to eat tikka masala without some garlic naan).

So you can see just how important the role of the delivery plays in the overall customer experience, from the moment the food leaves the restaurant to the time the customer takes their first bite.

A sUber Opportunity to Recruit Quality Drivers

Uber has lot of funds at its discretion, and the resources to ensure a successful outcome of their autonomous driving technology.  It’s just a matter of time until driverless cars take off, literally, which will result in many drivers looking for work.  We see this as a great opportunity to recruit quality, experienced drivers for your food delivery fleet.

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