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Unlock new perks, such as benefiting from DeliverClub restaurant signups and proven marketing campaigns and strategies,  just for joining the DeliverClub network.  This allows you to expand your coverage area, continue keeping ownership of your business, and gaining ownership of your part of DeliverClub.

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DeliverClub will sign-up new restaurants for you!

We have spent the last few months perfecting and optimizing the restaurant sign-up process, so that we can bring on amazing new restaurants onto our platform for our DeliverClub partners to service.  We provide all of the resources, print materials, digital communications, etc. that is needed to successfully attract, signup, onboard, and maintain a new restaurants, especially the Big Brands!  All of this work is done for you, and you will benefit from servicing the high volume of orders that are generated from these restaurants.

DeliverClub does the marketing on your behalf!

We know you’ve been checking out the amazingly cool marketing content DeliverClub has been putting out there!  We are spending a great deal of care and focus on creating consumer-friendly marketing materials, with compelling embedded call to actions, for driving new traffic and traction to the DeliverClub platform everyday.  These marketing strategies will directly positively impact your business, and provide a great jump in order volume, without you needing to invest time, resources, and budget into expensive marketing campaigns.
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We provide the marketing materials directly to you!

DC marketing cardFor those of you who have dealt with print shops and marketing vendors, you know how much of a headache this can be – especially if you have no clue how to even start designing a marketing piece, let alone ordering it the proper way.  Well.. we have taken care of that for you as well!

We cover all of your support & dispatch!

That’s right.  DeliverClub will assign dedicated staff and resources to cover all of the order dispatching and communication logistics required to support your DeliverClub Orders!  This will add to your profitablity and bottom line, by increasing your order volumes and gross revenues, without the added costs of support staff.
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